Never Miss A Profitable Trade Signal

Automatically copy signals from different sources into your broker accounts without any technical setup.

The Better Way To Automate

Forex Strategies

Are you tired of spending HOURS in front of your computer trying to catch profitable signals from your favorite Forex educators or MLM company?


.... Or staying up late at night looking for profitable trade setups during the London sessions and feeling exhausted?


Even with countless hours and effort you put in, you might still be missing profitable trades or signals.

Expert Advisors (EA) are great solutions to this problem. They are customized software that can help you automate trading strategies, so you can actually have a LIFE while making money from Forex.


However, setting up expert advisors and maintaining them is a HASSLE. Not only you need to setup MT4 and go through the complicated process of installing expert advisors, but you would also need to purchase a VPS to run all your software 24/7, so you can catch all the profitable trades or signals. Not even sure what all these mean? Let me save you all these hassles.

Introducing Freedom Advisor

We hear your pain and that's why we developed Freedom Advisor, a mobile app allowing you to setup and automate trading strategies without all the technical overwhelm and frustration.


Now you can do all the following with just a few taps on your phone...

Automate signals from Telegram channels

Copy trades between broker accounts


Advanced risk and trade management to turn signals into profits


Pricing Plan


Instant access and unlimited software upgrades to copy Telegram or MT4 signals into your broker accounts



Billed monthly

Includes 20% Discount

2 licenses to run any expert advisors we have

Unlimited Support and Software Upgrade

Get Paid Up FOREVER With Our Affiliate Program

(Up to 20% lifetime commissions!)

Everyone start with 10% referral commissions for their first 50 referrals.


For the next 200 referrals, they earn 15%!


It gets better from here! Affiliates earn 20% commissions for ALL referrals after the first 250.


And YES! You will get a commission whenever your referrals renew their subscriptions.


You will be rewarded for LIFE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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